My Anniversary

My Anniversary
Today is the 27th. That means I have been unemployed for exactly one month.
Here are the stats:
1. Four interviews
2. One interview lined up
3. One blog created and, I am proud to say, faithfully maintained
4. COUNTLESS job applications filled out, typed, emailed, mailed, hand-delivered (maybe I should just start my own document delivery company)
5. COUNTLESS cover letters written. My tour de force was the one I wrote to Disneyland. Of course, I never heard back from them. But it made me proud.
6. Thirty-three times I have updated/reviewed/amended my resume
7. One editorial test completed. Ok, I did NOT know you had to take tests to get jobs. And not just personality tests. EDIT tests, where you have to identify whether complimentary is spelled complimentary or complimentery. And, yes, I know it is spelled complimentary but when you are sitting there with no job and the stakes are so high, you start doubting everything, from the existence of God to how to spell your own name to whether complimentary has an a or an e.
Who knows what is to come. But I’m excited to find out.

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